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Free Breakfast Club

Ashbrow School usually offer all pupils a free breakfast at our Early Kick Off Breakfast Club sponsored by the Huddersfield Town Foundation.  

Breakfast Club at Ashbrow is currently unavailable due to the Covid restrictions.  We are hoping to reinstate this as soon as possible in the new school year comprising of a paid childcare facility from 8am and also a free Breakfast Club facility from 8.30am.  We will update with further information as soon as it is available.

School Meals

Please note that we require two weeks' notice if your child would like to change from school meals to packed lunches, or vice-versa.  Please notify the office staff if your child would like to change meal type, so that a start date can be agreed.

Paid School Meals

With effect from 1st September 2021, school dinners will be priced at £2.35 per day or £11.75 per week.   School meals are paid for using ParentPay - a link can be found by clicking here.  The office staff will provide you with login details if you wish to pay online, or a PayPoint card if you prefer to pay in cash at your local PayPoint location.

Free School Meals

Depending on your circumstances your child may be entitled to free school meals. To find out more follow the link below. 

Kirklees School Meals Information Service


Universal Free School Meals

Since September 2014 the government is funding free meals for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We hope that all our families will continue to take up this fantastic offer. We advise that parents on certain benefits or a low income should still apply for free school meals. If they are granted then the child can also have free milk in school. The school also receives additional income (pupil premium) for every child on Free School Meals. This income is used to fund additional resources and activities. If you need any further information please call in to the KS1 office or ring 01484 452128.


Packed Lunches

Children not having school dinners need to bring a packed lunch in a suitable named lunch box.
We are proud of our healthy school status and ask that parents bear this in mind when providing lunch for their children. Lunch boxes should not contain any chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks in them. We suggest a sandwich, yogurt, fruit, and a fruit or yogurt type drink in a plastic bottle (no glass please).

If you need some ideas about healthy lunch boxes then please click here.


Nut Allergies

We have several children in school who have a severe nut allergy. It is very important that they do not come into contact with any nuts as the allergic reaction can be life threatening.

Please do not send your child to school with any foods that contain nuts at any time. Please also consider this at times when packed lunches are sent to school for day trips off site, as the children affected may be part of that group.

Any items that contain nuts will be sent home unopened.

 Thank you for your understanding.


More Information About School Meals

At Key Stage 1 children are served lunch as family service. A member of staff or a year 6 child will sit at the table and serve the children. The meal served is the same for everyone (with a vegetarian option). This allows staff to discuss the nutritional value of the food whilst encouraging the children's social communication. The school grows the majority of the vegetables used in the school kitchens and this year our gardening team aim to provide 60% of the school vegetables. We also have our own hens and bees, these provide the kitchen with eggs and honey.

Children at Key Stage 2 have a cafeteria style system, where they are encouraged to make sensible choices to provide them with a healthy balanced meal.

The School Food Trust has a vision that all children are able to have the balanced diet, cooking skills and food education that will help them reach their full potential.  A link to this website is available here.


School Milk

Milk is available for all children from Nursery to the end of Year 6.  It is free of charge for pupils under the age of 5 or those on Free School Meals. For those not entitled to Free School Meals milk is payable from the term in which the child's 5th birthday falls.  A letter is sent out each term and the money is collected one term in advance. The cost is currently £11.65 for a term. Milk money is also collected by ParentPay - a link can be found by clicking here. The letter will state your login details (except the password) or contain a barcode to enable payment in cash at a PayPoint location.

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