Ashbrow School

Working Together for Children and Families

School Council

At Ashbrow, our pupils feel great pride for the school.  We listen to their views and take 'pupil voice' very seriously.

As part of this, the school councils play a key role in making decisions and ensuring that their views are heard. We currently have two pupils from each class who represent their class in the school council and one additional pupil from each class who is a designated Eco councillor.  The school councils each keep their own minutes and co-ordinate with each other.

In year six, pupils are given the opportunity to further represent the school.  This year, pupils with additional responsibility are:

Head Girl - TBC

Head Boy - TBC

Deputy Head Girl-TBC

Deputy Head Boy - TBC

Prefects are selected from years 5 and 6 and work closely with the head boy, girl, deputies and school staff to improve our school. This year, Ashbrow prefects are:TBC



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