Ashbrow School

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P4C Philosophy for Children


At Ashbrow School, children are learning to take part in philosophical enquiries. Each half term, children focus on a particular concept that inspires the topic of discussion, which is then led by the facilitator, who is usually the teacher. Children are encouraged to share their own opinion and listen to the opinions of others whilst agreeing, supporting, disagreeing and challenging one another. Some examples of concepts explored are freedom, knowledge, power and bravery. Children quite often refer to their P4C session as a thinking lesson where they think individually to understand a concept better.

Mrs Plant says 'It has been a pleasure to see the developing levels of confidence in the P4C sessions. The children and staff always appear to enjoy the sessions. They like the fact that everyone has an equal voice. Teachers plan activities which allow children to lead the enquiries so that they can shape their own learning. Our P4C Champions continue to support colleagues across school. P4C is being developed in more areas of the curriculum. As a school we too are reaping the benefits of the children's greater engagement.'

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