Ashbrow School

Working Together for Children and Families

School Council

A school council is elected by pupils in the school. There are 2 representatives from each class. Meetings discuss suggestions pupils make.  The School Council plans money raising events for school and charity, and has a 'voice' in school affairs. Representatives have the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Educational Visits and Visitors 

At Ashbrow we try to arrange a variety of educational visits and visitors into the school, to broaden experiences and to stimulate interest. We usually invite parents to make a voluntary contribution towards any cost. However, no child would be excluded from a school outing through an inability to contribute, however, plans may have to be cancelled if insufficient funding is available.

School Clubs

Ashbrow School is very proud that members of staff alongside Sports Coaches run clubs outside school lessons. These vary from term to term depending on the specialist areas, interests of individual staff and requests from children. They operate at lunchtimes and after school.

 School Clubs available throughout the year:

Multiskills Club Science Club Fencing Club Eco-club Gaming Club
Hen Keeping Netball/Football Club
Nutrition Club
Martial Arts Club
Bee Keeping Club
Cycling Club
Skill force Club
Rainbow Club   Music Club  


Homework Club

Following requests from parents and carers Homework Club takes place on Thursdays straight after school for all Year groups from Year 1 to Year 6. Parents are very welcome. To stay with all Year groups. Parents of children in Years 1 and 2 must stay with the children. The Homework Clubs are well supported by staff who know the children well.

Breakfast Club

We are pleased to be able to offer a free Breakfast Club to all children from Reception to Year 6. Breakfast Club is sponsored by the Huddersfield Town Foundation and is open daily from 8.10am. For more information please contact the School Office.


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