Ashbrow School

Working Together for Children and Families


Walnut am & Walnut pm

Early Years, Nursery

 Our class teacher is Mrs Green

Other adults who work in Early Years are: Mrs Brook and Mrs Fortune-Charles.


PE - Friday


The topics we are covering this year are:

Autumn Term Autumn Term 2 Spring Term Spring Term 2  Summer Term  Summer Term 2

Why do  you love me so much? 

Visit from a baby or a family day

Why do leaves go crispy?

Woodland walk or visit from owl man

Where does snow go?

Go on a bear hunt(end of topic) 


Can I have a dog?

Pets at home visit?


 Can we explore it?

KLR Trip


How high can I jump?

Sports Day

 2017/2018 Curriculum letters for parents:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

 Why do you love me so much?


Why do leaves go crispy?

Where does the snow go?


Can I have a dog?


Can we explore it?


How high can I jump?



Other information:

Please make sure that your child always has a coat and shoes for outdoor activities.

Please put your child's name in all clothing and shoes or wellies.  

Children receive fruit and a drink of milk or water in school every day.


Early Years Pupil Premium

Click here to read our letter to parents about the Pupil Premium funding for Early Years pupils.  Please ask the office for more information and a form to fill in if your child is eligible.

Find out more about Pupil Premium.









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