Letters Home

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March 2017

Parents Evening Letter

Parents Evening Login Guide 

January 2017

After school Clubs Year 1

After school Clubs Year 2

After school Clubs Year 3

After school Clubs Year 4

After school Clubs Year 5

After school Clubs Year 6

November 2016

Year 5&6 Remembrance Day

Children in Need

September 2016

Homework Club Year 1&2

Homework Club Year 3&4

Homework Club Year 5&6

Year 1&2 Gaming Club

Year 1&2 Nutrition Club 

Year 2 Multiskills Club

Year 3&4 Cycling Club

Year 3 Fencing Club

Year 3 Hen-Keeping Club

Year 4 Bee-keeping Club

Year 4 Martial Arts Club

Term Dates for 2016/17

July 2016

Year 4 Taster Swimming Session

Welcome to Key Stage 1 

Strike 5th if July

No More Clubs 4th of July

February  2016

Year 4 Trip to the Deep

 Year 5 Trip to Leeds Museum

January 2016

Year 2 Invitation to Phonics

Snow Closure

Flood Relief and Non-Uniform Day

December 2015

Early Years Letter about Pupil Premium

Dates for Diaries

November 2015

Year 5 Letter about Pencil Cases

Children in Need

After School Clubs Going Home Arrangements

Pamphlet on the Prevent Strategy

Pamphlet on British Values Pamphlet on British Values

October 2015

Year 2 Pirate Letter

Key Stage 2 (Year 3 4 5 & 6)

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

July 2015

Attendance letter

Term Time Holidays

Welcome to Year 1 (in September 2015)


June 2015

Year 1 Phonics Screening Letter

Year 2 drop in phonics session


May 2015

Nursery Visit to Manor Heath Park on 21st May 2015

Reception Visit to Manor Heath Park on 22nd May 2015


April 2015

Year 2 Visit to Sheffield on 19th May 2015

Year 1 Visit to Ponderosa on 4th June 2015

Y1 & Y2 Homework Club 

Y1 & Y2 Jujitsu Club

Y1 & Y2 - new clubs - Multiskills, Gardening, Wicked Wednesday

Y3 - new clubs - Henkeeping, Hockey

Y3 & Y4 Jujitsu Club

Y3 & Y4 Drama Club

Y3 & Y4 Homework Club

Y4 - new clubs - Hockey, Cricket

Y4 Beekeeping Club

Y4, 5 & 6 Netball

Y5 Gardening Club

Y5 & Y6 Homework Club

Y5 & Y6  Eco Club

Y5 & Y6 Jujitsu Club

Y5 & Y6 - new clubs - Archery, Cricket


March 2015

Parent Consultation letter for parents with one child

Parent Consultation letter for parents with more than one child

Attendance Letter

Mothers Day Morning Coffee - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea - Years 1 & 2

Early Years Pupil Premium letter

Early Years Chatterbox Challenge 


January 2015

Infectious diseases letter

Curriculum Letter

Year 1 School Clubs

Year 2 School Clubs

Year 3 School Clubs

Year 4 School Clubs

Year 5 School Clubs

Year 6 School Clubs


December 2014

School closure in the event of snow


November 2014

Nursery trip to see Santa


October 2014

Year 2 Pirates Letter

Family First Aid Course

School Photo Day - 24 October 2014

Year 1 Enchanted Woodland letter

Letter re possible strike / school closure on 14.10.14


July 2014

Y5 Visit to Sculpture Park

Y6 Visit to St Anne's

Picnic Lunch - current Y5

Picnic Lunch - current Y4

Picnic Lunch - current Y3

Picnic Lunch - current Y2

Picnic Lunch - current Y1

Picnic Lunch - current REC

Possible strike action letter    


June 2014

Y5 Writing Workshop at Cannon Hall

Y4 Trip to Sportsbarn Leeds

Y4 Ash Class Trip to Countryside Live

Year 3/4 Trip to the Tolson Museum

After School Clubs Letter

After School Clubs reply slip

Nursery visit to Shibden Park

Reception visit to Shibden Park


May 2014

Year 1 visit to Ponderosa

Year 2 visit to Ponderosa


April 2014

Parent Consultation Letter

Attendance and Late Letter


March 2014

Mother's Day - KS2 coffee morning invitation

Mother's Day - KS1 afternoon tea invitation

Strike Day 26.3.14 - letters to all classes

Strike Day 26.3.14 - overview of all classes


February 2014

Year 1-2 Tennis

Year 3-4 Tennis

Wicked Wednesday Art Club

Year 3-4 Skateboarding Club

Year 1-2 Multiskills Club

Year 5-6 Archery Club

Winter Warmer Tea

Traffic Management

ICAN Chatterbox Challenge Event



January 2014

Token reward scheme letter

Nut allergy letter

Head Teacher's Letter to Parents re Ofsted Report

Head Teacher's Letter to Pupils re Ofsted Report

Year 5-6 Archery Club

Year 3-4 Homework Club

Year 1-2 Cricket and Multi-Skills Club

Year 5-6 Gymnastics Club

Year 5-6 X-Box Club

Wicked Wednesday Family Art Club

Year 5-6 Homework Club

Year 3-4 Gymnastics Club

Year 1-2 Gymnastics Club

Year 1-2 Homework Club



December 2013


OFSTED Leaflet for Parents

Christmas Parties

Christmas Play