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Food for Life Gold Award

Ashbrow has been awarded the Food for Life Gold Award, the first school in Kirklees to be given it. Read below to find out more.

Year 5 Trip to Leeds Museum 

Our Year 5 children had a trip to Leeds Museum to learn about their topic Pharaohs, which is all about Ancient Egypt. As part of the topic the children went on a trip to Leeds Museum where they got to see Nesyamun, a mummy of Ancient Egypt!


Year 4 Trip the the Deep

Our year 4 children had a trip to the Deep in Hull as part of learning about their new topic Blue Abyss.  The children enjoyed the trip and got to see the animals in the aquarium and also had to help solve the mystery of what killed the parrot fish, was it a nurse shark, a white tip reef shark or was it something else?

Here is what some of the children said about their trip'

'I liked it when the penguins ran around the tank and fell in the water'

'At the Deep I enjoyed looking through the microscopes at the plankton'

'I enjoyed the deep because we got to solve a mystery of who bit the parrot fish in a aquarium in America'


Spin Painting

In Year 6 we have been inspired by Damien Hirst to have a go at making some Spin Painting.


Recently our school was lucky enough to be invited to attend a pantomime performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at The Civic Hall in Brighouse. Brighouse Theatre Productions supported out visit by very kindly subsidising our tickets.  

Children who contribute to the life of Ashbrow and who are good role models were chosen to represent our school as Ashbrow Ambassadors.   Their behaviour was impeccable throughout the evening and this was noted by members of the public and the theatre company at the venue.  For some of the children it was the first time they had ever been to a pantomime.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and here are some of their thoughts and feelings about the pantomime.

‘I liked the fact the play as very funny and interesting, the best bit was when the queen found out the mirror was broken and the person in the mirror looked like Simon Cowell.’

‘I liked the part when Chuckle was saying no he isn’t and we said yes he is.’ 

‘My favourite part was when we were on the bus because it was so exciting going to the pantomime to watch Snow White.’

‘I liked it because it was funny.’

‘My favourite bit was when he ran into the mirror.’

‘I like the snow white show because it made me laugh.’ 

‘My favourite bit was all of it.’

‘I liked the Snow White play because it had lot of humour in it and the people made us join in a lot.’


It was a lovely evening and the staff all felt very proud of the children who attended.

Christmas Parties

Before the end of last term we also had our Christmas Parties in school. At the our parties in Key Stage 2 we were lucky enough to have someone come to teach us some new circus skills like juggling and flowersticks which the children really enjoyed. We also played some party games and had a disco.

Santa's Skype

Before Christmas some of our children in Key Stage 1 got a special call on Skype from the North Pole, some of the children had questions to ask him about his elves and reindeer.


Visit to Astley Grange

This week some of our year 2 Children visited Astley Grange, where they got to meet some of the residents, perform for them by singing some songs to them and we gave them some Christmas cards.

We also wrote about our experience and how it made us feel.




This week both year six classes are working with actors from a theatre company to produce a retelling of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  The story is one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies and is definitely not the happiest of tales. 

Did you know that the title role in each of Shakespeare’s tragedies doesn’t make it to the end of the play still alive?

On Monday we enjoyed being immersed in Macbeth’s world.

We learnt of fair King Duncan and his loyal sons…



Macbeth, a fierce but trusted soldier and cousin of the King…


Banquo, a courageous friend and companion…


Lady Macbeth, a power-hungry and scheming wife…


Three witches (Shakespeare called them Weird Sisters) who predict events that change the course of Macbeth’s life…


And Macduff, a wise Lord who puts an end to Macbeth’s plans.




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