Ashbrow School has been accredited through I CAN's Early Talk programme to support children at a specialist level.


What is ICAN?

ICAN is a specialist provision for children that are 3 years old, just 4 or soon to be 3 who are bright and able but seem to be taking longer to start talking than other children. The children have a specific speech & language impairment as assessed by a specialist speech and language therapist.

What happens at ICAN?

 A specialist teacher, specialist speech and language therapist, nursery nurse and speech and language therapy assistant all support the children to develop their speech, language and communication skills alongside their classmates.

It provides support for families and children through specialist teaching and speech and language therapy in an inclusive, language rich supportive environment.


The children attend for either 2 or 5 sessions per week for up to 3 terms.  ICAN has an open door policy for parents and carers.  They are seen as an essential part of their child’s education and are included in planning targets. ICAN provides regular opportunities for parents/carers to participate in and attend workshops and events that will help them to better understand how to help their child. 

When it is time for the child to leave ICAN, the family and child are supported in their choice of future setting and during transition. ICAN also provide a term’s outreach support.


For more details about ICAN at Ashbrow school please contact:

ICAN at Ashbrow

Ashbrow School

Ash Meadow Close




Tel: 01484 452128


For further information about ICAN, contact:


Central Office

8 Wakley Street



Tel: 0845 225 4071

020 7843 2510



Useful websites


Talking Point –

The Communication Trust –