Assertive Mentoring


 Basic Skills Maths

With a focus on raising standards, we have begun a weekly basic skills maths session with children from years 1-6.

The children work in groups to develop their knowledge of numbers, calculations and how these are used in ‘real life’ situations. The children mark their own work – which they really enjoy and then the group looks at one or two of the questions they have found hard and talks about the best way to answer the question.

Each week we will try to get a better score. If you want to know more, just ask one of the teachers.

Grammar Hammer

To meet the new expectations for spelling, punctuation and grammar set out in National Curriculum 2014, children from year one to year six also take part in weekly grammar sessions.  These small-group sessions focus on recapping, learning about and application of grammar at the level of the individual learner.  Through these sessions, children are equipped with knowledge that they can use in all areas of their learning.