Growing Ashbrow Project

Welcome to our community project!

Ashbrow School, with the help of its supporters, is developing a large area of land to the north side of the school grounds (uphill from the KS2/ Juniors building).

The site is over 2.5 acres and is mainly overgrown land, much of it on steep banking, with lots of mature and young trees. A section of the land is being used as allotments by the community.  SOME of the land has been used for dumping rubbish over many years. 

See below slideshow of our starting point!


The image below was taken during an exploratory visit by a team of pupils.  The site is full of opportunities to learn about different plants and insect life.

Image taken by Andrew Roe
Image taken by Andrew Roe


Students show their support

On 4th October 2014 we had 12 students from University of Huddersfield working on the banking.

They had volunteered for Heart of Hudd Day and had chosen us from 5 community projects on offer. They were first and second years, some of them from China and Bulgaria. They really got stuck in and pulled out dozens of barrows full of household rubbish from behind the fence of just one house at the top of the banking.

The students worked alongside Andrew Williams (a new member of staff at Ashbrow), Lisa Jagger and Andrew Roe. 

It took 15 people 4 hours to remove approximately 4% of the embedded rubbish. This suggests it would take another 1500 man hours to finish the job by this means so every pair of hands counts!


Why not volunteer?

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Meet new friends, learn new skills and really play a part in your community!

Volunteers are making all the difference!

Leading the way

A steering group, led by the school's Andrew Roe, was set up in the summer of 2014.  Since then the school has been overwhelmed with support from community groups wanting to help clear the land and make it somewhere for our children, families and community to enjoy and learn from.

Our outdoor values

At Ashbrow School we value our parents and community as important parts of our school.
We are very excited about working so closely with the community on something so worthwhile and exciting.

Our children already benefit from our bees, chickens and vast variety of vegetables growing and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our outdoor area so greatly and have lots of ideas on how we can use this valuable land to make links with our community.

Progress made to create an attractive stepped entrance to the project
Progress made to create an attractive stepped entrance to the project


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