Both year six classes together make up Walnut Class in Key Stage 2

Welcome to Walnut Class

(Key Stage 2,  Year 6)

Our class teachers are:

Miss Carol Dixon (Walnut CD)

Miss Vikki Arthur (Walnut VT)

Mrs Allison Gelder(Walnut VT)

Mrs Julie Brian(Walnut VT)


Other adults who help in class are: 

Patrick Bradbury- teaching assistant

Jill Hall - SP support

Debra Inmanteaching assistant

Carolyn Ross - SP support

Lorraine Stirk - teaching assistant


Useful websites to help extend your learning at home...


Basic skills maths - Monday morning

Computing – Wednesday afternoon

PE – Thursday afternoon

Grammar hammer- Friday morning

Skillforce Friday afternoon (alternate weeks)

Drumming - Friday afternoon (alternate weeks)

Homework - Sent home Thursday, returned by the following Tuesday


To find out what we are learning about during 2016/2017, see our Curriculum Overview.

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


Gallery Rebels

A Child's War


 Darwin's Delights


 Hola Mexico


Fallen Fields

 Frozen Kingdom


Fallen Fields 2016/2017

Our Fallen Fields topic gives us the opportunity to reflect upon events of World war One and consider how these events have shaped our lives today.  Year six analysed well known war poetry, thinking about the language, style and structure used.  We then developed our own poetry from the perspective of a soldier.  We created a wreath of poppies to lay at a war memorial at a service that was attended by more than five hundred people in Greenhead Park.  It was accompanied by a plaque that was designed by Jamar that read "we lay this wreath in honour- to show our respect of your hard work.  We are grateful for you fighting for this country."  Whilst there, we had the pleasure of talking to veterans of many wars, representatives from the church, the Mayor and Mayoress and many more fascinating people who were paying their respects. Follow the link to view coverage of the Remembrance Parade from the Huddersfield Examiner. 

BloodHeart 2016/2017

We began our Blood Heart topic by dissecting a sheep's heart.  We carefully tracked the circulation of blood through the vessels of the body and chambers of the heart.  Later in the topic, we presented persuasive speeches and wrote letters discussing why our heart is so invaluable.  We discovered gruesome statistics about the effects of smoking and used these as shock tactics in our persuasive pieces too!  We also used un-tuned percussion to notate and perform a repeating rhythm based on our heartbeat.

Computing  2016/2017

As part of our Computing topic we have been using the Scratch program to control the in-built characters. We have been writing algorithms to make our characters talk to one another and WAIT for one item of speech to finish before speaking. 

PE 2016/2017

In PE this Autumn term we have been improving our passing and shooting skills in netball, and developing our strategies for invasion games (which include netball, hockey, football and rugby).  We have been passing on the turn and when receiving the ball in the air, and using our attacking strategies to get the ball to a shooter in the goal area. We have each taken turns to be shooter and have been racking up the points for our team!


A Child's War 2015/2016

Year six are learning about World War Two from a child's perspective.  To help us understand the life of an evacuee we packed a small bag containing items that we would take if we were evacuated in modern times.  Miss Dixon's class brought a wide range of items including: a toothbrush, a chicken sandwich, a family photo, gifts from family, a family photo, a dressing gown, items of clothing, a first aid kit, a radio, a diary and a Rubik's cube.  What couldn't you live without?

Frozen Kingdom 2015/2016

Frozen Kingdom gave us the chance to explore the Arctic, including learning about the plants and wildlife and the phenomenon of iceberg formation. We have built our own imaginary communities and used art and drama to build relationships between characters in our settings.  This has led to some very exciting story-writing, with all of year six resolving problems (including a yeti sighting and humans hunting for animals) that are threatening lives in our frozen kingdoms!

A sneak preview of learning still to come  in Gallery Rebels and Hola Mexico!

  Curriculum letters for Parents:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

ID and Bloodheart

 Gallery Rebels

 A Child's War

Fallen Fields


 Darwin's Delight



Other information:

Teachers and teaching assistants are available to support children with their homework.  Children are asked to speak to a member of staff for clarification or support before Tuesday if they need help.  Homework club runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.