Welcome to Oak Class

 Key Stage 2, Year 5

 Our class teacher is Miss Hartley.

Mrs Sloan also works in our class every day. 

Mrs Hall provides SP support in our class.

Karam works in our class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.


PE - Tuesdays

Swimming - Thursdays

Drumming - Fridays

Homework - Sent out Friday, to be returned by Monday



To find out what we are learning during 2016/2017, see our Curriculum Overview.

The topics we are covering this year are:



Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


Time Traveller


 Scream Machine


Off With Her Head


Stargazers 2016/2017

It is difficult to imagine how big the planets in the solar system are. We used spherical items to compare the planets' sizes - this gave us a better grasp on our learning. After this, we conquered an investigation where we look at the distance between the planets.To show the distance, we used toilet roll - yes - toilet roll. Each square represented 16 million km. This allowed us to compare the distances without visiting each planet.

 Many objects in our Solar System create craters; we can estimate the age of a planet by analysing its surface. The older the planet - the larger amount of craters formed. Using the sandpit, we studied Galileo's theory and dropped items with a different mass from the same height. We then investigated the diameter of the indentation.

Scream Machine! 2015/2016

Curriculum letters for Parents:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


 Time Traveller


Fallen Fields

Scream Machine





What's coming up this year for Oak class?