(Early Years Reception)


Our class teachers are Mrs Green and Mrs Mansaf (Tuesday pm). 

Mrs Gregory also works in our class every day.

Other adults who work in Early Years are: Mrs Jackson, Mrs Duncombe, Mrs Stubbs, Mrs Charles, Asma and Mrs Robertson. 


Forest - Tuesday morning (please take your children to the forest building)

PE - Wednesday morning - balance bikeability

Homework - Sent out on Thursday, to be returned by Tuesday.


To find out about what we are learning about during 2016/2017, see our Curriculum Overview.

Autumn Term Autumn Term 2 Spring Term Spring Term 2  Summer Term  Summer Term 2

Why do  you love me so much? 

Why can't I eat chocolate all the time?

 How many colours in a rainbow? 

What is a reflection?

Which was the biggest dinosaur?  


Are eggs alive?   

 Can I have a dog yet? 


 What is a shadow?


Curriculum letters for parents 2016/2017:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

 Why do you love me so much?

Why can't I eat chocolate for breakfast?

How many colours in a rainbow?

What is a reflection?

Which was the biggest dinosaur?

Are eggs alive?


Can I have a dog yet?

What is a shadow?


Other information:

We are learning to get dressed and undressed and to zip or button our coats. On PE days we might come home a little messy because we did it ourselves!

Outside gets muddy, cold and wet but we don’t care...we go out in all weathers and might come home dirty from all the fun we’ve been having. 

 Early Years Pupil Premium

Click here to read our letter to parents about the new Pupil Premium funding for Early Years pupils.  Please ask the office for more information and a form to fill in if your child is eligible.

Find out more about Pupil Premium.


In the Autumn term, we were lucky enough to work with a ceramicist.  We enjoyed exploring the clay and making different textures.........

Look at the buildings we made for homework! Aren't they fabulous? Thank you so much to all the adults who helped, too.

Our new topic 'Did Dragons Exist?' started with this video of a Mother Dragon looking for her baby.  Have you seen a baby dragon anywhere?

Tricky word challenge!

Can you read these tricky words? Remember, you can't sound out tricky words.  Keep practising until you can read them all.