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Skillforce Rowan 3rd October

Three New Games

Simon Martland (Smartland) on: Skillforce Rowan 3rd October

People to people

In this game you had to listen to Alex and Liam.

First you had to partner up in your small group, then Alex or Liam will say elbow to elbow, then you and your partner had to put your partners elbow to yours.

It gets difficult though you have to do elbow to elbow and knee to knee at the same time, the most important skill you need to be successful at people to people is concentration.

Thanks for reading by Mckenzie.

Alex and Tyrone are playing people to people.

Hungry Snake

All of these people are playing hungry snake.

In this game  you need to put blind folds on but the first person doesn’t have to because they have to look if they can see a beanbag pick it up and pass it down the line and then the first person has to lead the last person to the hoop. And then when the first person has had a couple of turns the other person who is behind the first person needs to have some turns  until all of them have had a turn.

Thank you for reading from Farhana .


In this game we were put into teams and the idea of the game was to get all the bean bags and put them in your groups hoop.

We  started  the first game.  We stood in a line and picked the bean bags and put them in a hoop as fast as we could. The other team won. I was happy for them and for our team because we can make our team better.

It was the second round we tried a different skill and it went well and we succeeded in that round. HOORAY!

It was the last round to try get a point. We tried to do it as fast as we could and it worked out well. The other teams tried their hardest and they won.

There are three skills to get your way to the top and help you win:




By Esther

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Skillforce Walnut JD 28th September


Simon Martland (Smartland) on: Skillforce Walnut JD 28th September

The Rules for Saving someone's life

At Skillforce we did CPR and learnt two words to help us remember what to do in an emergency.

D R: A V P U 

D stand for Danger,

R stand for Response,

A stands for Alert,

V stands for Voice,

P stands for Pain,

U stands for Unresponsive

If no response call 999 or 112 to get help. 

 by Demi Melissa Bean 


At Skillforce last week we did Airway where we had to put our mouth on the dummy's and do what we have to do if you find someone unconscious .

First you would shout in their ear. If they still don’t respond cross your hands and tap the persons collar bone.Then hold their earlobe.

After that lift up their chin and then its time to do CPR on the dummy. If it helps when you do CPR sing 'Baby Shark' as it goes with the rhythm of CPR.

Repeat the CPR thirty times, then you do two rescue breaths.

After that call 999 or 112 to get  emergency help.

And that’s what you do if your in that situation.

Hope you enjoyed reading by Kiara.



SHARKY is a game were one person is SHARKY and the rest are the FISH who are supposed to get across the ocean.

SHARKY says fishy fishy come and swim in my sea

The FISH say sharky you can’t catch me.

Do not cheat (you can’t  move when you turn in to seaweed)

You might loss or win.


By Kyle

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Skillforce Oak 26th September

Skillforce Oak 26th September

Simon Martland (Smartland) on: Skillforce Oak 26th September

Skillforce by Ellie, Olivia and Oscar

Liam says 

Last week, Year 5 played Liam says by if Liam, who taught year 5, said Liam says and a command if you didn’t do the command you are out so it is basically Simon says. They used good listening, caring and courage.


They also played rattles by there are two people in the centre of a circle formed by the rest of the class one person is a snake the other is a mouse. The snake has to capture the mouse or the game will carry on until the mouse is captured. They used confidence , caring, kindness and respect.


Night line

When they played night line they chose their partners one person was blindfolded the other a guide. The guide, had to help the blindfolded person go past ropes to get to the end successfully to the end then swap with your partner. They used trust, kindness , teamwork and caring.



Last session, we played nightline with skill force. It’s a game where there is a rope through the climbing frame with obstacles in it such as hurdles to jump over. Hoops to crawl through and you go through tiny gaps.

You’re blind folded so you have a partner who tells you instructions. Oscar and Saleha used trust and listening whilst playing this game.

We used trust by trusting each over.

On the 26 September 2018, year 5 Oak did Gutterball and Speedball Ellie in particular really enjoyed doing the activities because they were both involved in ball games and ball games are her favourite. There were a variety of different groups named from colours of the rainbow. Then, they also did warm-up activities such as: Simon says and rattlers but in Simon says the leader would give you some instructions to follow and in rattlers two people were blindfolded and one person was a snake and the other was a tiny mouse.

Qualities she used really well were listening and trust she had to use these qualities because if she didn’t trust her partner they wouldn’t be able to take part in that exact activity. Ellie is hoping to use trust a lot more and allow it to other games plus teamwork would be her personal goal in school because she trusts her family a lot more because  at home. Skillforce has taught Ellie a fair bit about communication and how to communicate in other ways like listening  she would also love to work on respect and trust at school because that is what they have been focusing on this the most!

There is another activity Ellie likes and that is Night Line in this activity one member was blindfolded but the other member wasn’t because you needed someone to guide you or it would be possible to bump your head and hurt yourself the fun part was you was allowed to enter the climbing frame and there was different obstacles such as: hurdles and going through the same sized hoops.

After the skillforce session is finished Ellie feels proud of her and her partner (Olivia) and she feels ENERGETIC!

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Skillforce Walnut SH 21st September

What to do if you are first on the scene of an accident by Louis, Iyla and Kacy.

Simon Martland (Smartland) on: Skillforce Walnut SH 21st September


This week in Skillforce we used Annie dolls to perform C.P.R.


First, we learnt about D.R: A.V.P.U.

Danger, Response.

Alert, Voice, Pain and Unresponsive.

First, remove danger.

If they do not answer shout in both ears

Cross arms and tap their collar-bones. Whilst keeping both arms crossed, pinch both ears, if they don’t respond then


When you return, check their airways by looking in the mouth. If it is blocked put two fingers under their chin and your hand on their head. Gently tilt their head back. If the airway is blocked with sick turn their head to one side and wipe sick away, but don’t put your fingers in their mouth as they might accidentally bite you.

Check for breathing by putting your ear over their mouth.

If they are not breathing you must act fast!

Put one hand on the casualty’s chest and link your fingers . Then do thirty chest compressions by pressing down on their chest. To keep the right speed sing 'Baby shark'. When you have done that hold their nose and blow in their mouth two times. These are called rescue breaths.

Raynor is checking for breathing

Louis doing chest compressions on Annie

Help! Help! Help!

Please read on for all the details about how to respond if you are the first on the scene in an emergency situation.

This week in skillforce we learnt how to perform CPR on an Annie dolls.

First, we had to learn about danger response then we had to remove the danger off the doll if there was anything on it, that is. Next, we had to introduce ourselves and ask if they could open their eyes, if they couldn’t respond to us we had to lightly tap them on their collar bone three (3) times with our arms crossed otherwise we would get injured. After that, we had to pinch their ears three times but If they didn’t respond this time then they were unconscious. Then, we had to either call 999,911 or 112.

Raynor showing us how to tilt back the head correctly.

After, we had to tilt their head up to the sky to check their AIRWAY and open their mouth but still with our index and middle finger on their forehead but we couldn’t put our fingers in their mouth as they might accidentally hurt us or vomit on us.

We had to LOOK inside their mouth to check if anything was blocking their airway, put our ear up to their mouth and try to HEAR

if there breathing, we had to FEEL their throat and we had to SMELL their breath so we could check for any negative chemicals that they have taken before the incident.

Next, we had to do 30 chest compressions to the tune of Baby Shark approximately 5 inches into their chest and we had to do 2 rescue breaths around the whole of their mouth.

Faazan performing 30 chest compressions

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Skillforce Rowan 19th September

Skillforce Rowan 19th September

Teacher on: Skillforce Rowan 19th September

Rowan class played some new games to practice their communication skills. To be played successfully each game required excellent listening skills.



Players form a circle.

Two people are blindfolded, given a rattle and stand in the circle. One is chosen as a mouse and the other as a cat.

The aim of the game is for the cat to catch the mouse.

The mouse goes first. They take one step in any direction and then shake their rattle.

The cat then listens carefully to where the rattle sound came from and heads to that direction.

If the cat touches the mouse the game is over and two new players are chosen.

Liam Says

This game is the same as Simon Says, but Liam was in charge so he called it Liam Says!

Back-to-back drawing

Firstly find a partner.

Sit back to back so only one of the pair can see the whiteboard.

Liam drew a simple picture on the whiteboard.

The person looking at the whiteboard had to describe the picture to their partner, who had to draw it on a piece of paper.

The game was really hard because describing the picture was difficult and choosing the right vocabulary was hard.

Touch-Up Clap

 A game for pairs.

Pairs sit facing each other.

Pairs count 1, 2, 3 over and over again taking it in turns to say the next number.

To make the game more difficult the number 1 was replaced by a clap.

Later 2 was changed to touch your shoulders and then 3 was replaced by touching the table.

Each time an action was added the game became more and more difficult.



In the games and activities today the qualities we used were:





By Savannah, Imaan and Amelia



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Skillforce Walnut JD 14th September

Skillforce Walnut JD 14th September

Teacher on: Skillforce Walnut JD 14th September


At the start of the game everybody stands behind the line ready to play.

Behind the line is the bank and in front of the line is the river.

You have to hear the words.

When the leader says river, jump into the ‘river’.

When the leader says bank, jump onto the ‘bank’.

You are out if you move when you should not, if you cross the line when you should not or if you twitch when you should not.

When someone gets out you have to stand to the side.

The leader can trick you because they can say the words really quick and you cannot catch up and get mixed up.

Qualities you need to play this game




By Shan


In the beginning you have to listen and go behind the line.


 How to play:


  • When the leader say go to the river go forward.


  • When the leader say go to the bank go backward.


  • If the leader say go to the bank and you are already at the bank you do not need to move.


  • If you move and you are on the bank and you twitch you are out.  


  • If you do not move and you are on the bank and you are supposed to go to the river you are out.


  • The job of leader can be shared among all the players.


  • A good leader gives quick instructions to catch out the players.


The best quality for this game is resilience.

From Asad A.


When my classmates and I played Airlock in “Skill Force”.

How we play:

  • You only need a strong strap and a couple of people.

  • Stand next to each other and get your right foot or your left foot it depends where you stand.


  • Get your teammates leg and connect it with your leg with your strong strap.


  • BTW the straps are really strong.


  • And your challenge is to walk as far as you can.





This what happened when we played.

So I come back from a exhausting lunchtime, then I just realise that it`s “Skill Force” so then we play this game called “Air Lock” we followed the instructions. We got really strong straps, tied it around our leg. I was with a partner, everyone was arguing, we all fell most of the time, then we got a good leader.

Having a leader helped, because one leader gave confusing instructions. Our good leader said things slowly and took their time. This helped us walk.

By Fabio Ali

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Skillforce Oak 12th September

Skillforce Oak 12th September

Teacher on: Skillforce Oak 12th September

Our Skillforce activities this week.

How to play GUTTERBALL

This week, we played a fun game called Gutterball! I am going to be explaining how to play.

First you collect a gutter pipe and stand in a line so the pipes form a line together. REMEMBER….you need more then one pipe. The last person in the line has to place a ball on the pipe to let it roll. When the ball passes a pipe the person holding that pipe will move it to the front of the line of pipes. The aim is to get it in a bucket. Then you do the same process on and on and on. Then you have to change balls (tennis ball, football etc) to make it challenging. I really enjoy this game and I hope to play it again soon.


Qualities we had to use:




By Alinah

How to Play Speed Ball

First, you have to get a ball and a timer. Then, you make a circle with your class and pass the ball around quickly whilst the timer is going on. When you get the ball you have to sit down and the person who is timing it has to check how fast you did it.


Karl and Liam gave advice to us so we could improve our speed of time. We shouted the person’s name that we were going to throw it to. We also tried to pass it in register order so it could be easier.


We showed teamwork by not blaming someone if they do something wrong and we never gave up. We were really friendly to each other but some people did moan a little bit. We also showed resilience by not giving up if we got mad.

It was really fun this week !

By Eman

Gutter ball


In skill force we played a game called gutter ball. In gutter ball we all had a gutter which looks like a pipe. We all held a gutter, we had to stand by a cone in a line. We were given a ball and we had to roll the ball down the gutter. As it rolled past the ball sadly, someone dropped it so we started again we all worked as a team so we started again. So as the ball started to move and the ball nearly fell so we lifted it up past us we all ran up to the front of the line. The box was very close to us and the ball tipped in and then we all scored a point.


We failed some of the parts. We didn’t complete the gutter ball game by pulling the gutters far from each other and then the ball fell.

1.  We all showed resilience by not giving up when the ball fell.

2.  We all showed respect by listening and communicating.

3.  We showed communicating by looking and listening to Amber when she was talking.

4.  We showed confidence by standing up and improving what we where capable of.

By Mariya                                                                            

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Skillforce Walnut SH 7th September

Icebreaker Games

Teacher on: Skillforce Walnut SH 7th September

Skillforce, aka Karl and Liam, gave us lots of games to play at the start of the lesson. They called these 'Icebreaker' games because they help to 'break the ice' so we can get to know each other better and get to know Karl and Liam.

Three of our favourite games are:

    Giants (tall and scary)  Wizards (crafty and cunning)  Elves (small and quick)

How to play Giants wizards and elves:

Last week we played this amazing game, Giant wizards and elves. I am going to explain how you play this game. So first of all, you would have to get in two lines, make sure each line is even. After you have got into two lines, the first person in the each line will whisper and run  either Giants wizards or elves. This game is quiet  similar to rock paper scissors but we have different actions. Carrying on… when the person has got to the end of the line, someone would have to shout 1..2..3! Then everyone would have to do the action they were told to. For example, if I whispered “elf ” to my team mates and someone shouted 1..2..3 they would have to do the elf action. Its easy as that! We had lots of fun!

Most recommended things:

I would like to share some recommending tips on this game so you would have tiny bit more fun…..

~ try have over 4 players

~ try have someone to not play, but be like a referee so there is a fair game

~ try using most of the qualities ( respect for example ) into the game

~ be fair in the game so we have a real winner and have some fun

Some qualities we used:

Listening - hearing with care and attention

Teamwork - working well together as a group

Cooperation – working together

Gratitude – being thankful

Reasons how we used the qualities:

Listening: we used listening by trying to hear the person who whispered, if we didn’t we would not know what action to do.

Teamwork: we used teamwork by working as a team to be successful at the game.

Cooperation: again, working as a team to be as best as we can.

Gratitude: we used gratitude by being thankful for winning.


By Zhila 


How To Play Find My Shoe And All About It

A week ago, we played a game called Find My Shoe! It was really fun and quite difficult. First, we had to take one of our shoe off and put it in the middle of the area! Then, we had to spread out and put a blind fold on our eyes so we couldn’t see. After that, we walked and tried to walk to the middle of the area and try to find our shoe. When we think we found our shoe, we had to try to go to the red fence and put our blind folds off and then see if we got the correct shoe. If we didn’t then we had to wait till everybody thinks they found their shoe or somebody would have to do a countdown.

The Qualities We Used And What They Mean:

Resilience = Recovering from setbacks and keeping going.

Listening = Hearing with care and attention.

Team Work = Working well together as a group.

  By Kazhwan

Find My Shoe game


In AIR LOCK we had to tie ourselves ankle to ankle.

First, we had to move to the left by working together and I had the responsibility to grab the cone. I had caught the cone and then we had to move to the right all the way down the line which was quite hard. We didn’t have much caution but we didn’t fall over. We watched the other team fall. We got the other cone and the other team did as well so we untied ourselves and thought we could of done better than that.

Secondly, we did get a bigger course. I did get confused at first because there was cones everywhere and again I had the responsibility of grabbing the cone on the left side. It was easy but… we had to go to the right which was the hardest bit of it all. We grabbed the first cone but we didn`t work together. T hen carl joined Eva as the leader and he told us more about working together. We did, but other people either stepped too far or didn’t move their foot at the same time as others. In the end we actually got the hang of it. Once we did we were unstoppable we were so good at it. We didn’t get first place, the other team did, but they didn’t win we won for not falling, for not shouting at each other and not arguing.

Most importantly we worked as a team!

by Natalia   

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